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cover Gone


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Artist genre:
Rap / Hip-Hop
R&B / Soul
United States
Record label:
Concore Entertainment
Member since:

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My name is Joshua Jermon Pulley. I go by the nickname C.P. I’m from West Memphis, Arkansas. Where I’m from a very small percentage of us make it out of the City, unless its jail or death. There is little to know motivation. I know this Bio is suppose to be about me, but I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for West Memphis and the people there. When there was little to know hope I dug that much deeper to find it. My city taught me how to survive. We don’t run and we don’t hide. We don’t budge and we don’t quit. Though we fall victim to the street we still live by the same loyalty. The loyalty that its our side against the other side, but in all reality were one side. I don’t care about the money. I’ll make it some way or the other if Music never pays the bills. I honestly love to create it by telling my own personal stories, because it no one ever feels it, I will. I do for my city. For as long as I’ve been digging for hope, I didn’t realize that I was becoming hope. Hope for my city to make it a better place.

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